Need Money to Get a Tattoo? 8 Ways to Save Up for a Tattoo

Whatever type of tattoo you decide to get, everyone today (well, a lot of people) knows high quality tattoos come with a high price tag.

This may sound like a bold statement. From what I’ve seen with a lot of people around me, I can safely say that:

Cheap tattoos are not good tattoos.

This does not mean expensive tattoos are always good but good tattoos are almost always not cheap. You do get what you pay for.

female tattooer

As well as the tattoo quality, the price depends on various other factors. For example, the bigger the piece, the more it will cost. Another example would be how detailed the design is and which body part you get tattooed on, based on the fact that more complex design will require longer to finish.

So to get quality tattoos, money is definitely an important factor. And if you’re like me, spending such a big chunk of money at once is a big financial commitment. Well not as big as buying a house, but you could say tattoos stay on your body for the rest of your life whereas you can buy a house and ditch in a few years’ time, so it is kind of a massive deal.

So here is a list of little tips to help you save up for a tattoo.

1. Set a Realistic Target

piggy bank money saving target

when you know the exact tattoo design, size and body placement you are after, go and speak to a reputable tattoo artist in order to get an idea of how much it will cost. Oh I know it can be hard to know who’s good and not, this is when Instagram becomes so useful! Once you’ve done this, you can really get started with saving up for your new tattoo and decide over what time period.

2. Use Video Streaming Service

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Image Source: Matthew Keys on flickr

Undoubtedly it is much cheaper to use streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Wuaaki tv, Now TV (UK), & Hulu than those traditional digital TV packages. So switch to video streaming service, the quality is as good and you will also save so much.

3. User Your Skills to Earn Extra Cash

freelance work for extra cash

There are tons of websites you can find freelance work on, such as peopleperhour and There will always be people who need all sorts of skills, whether you can do web or graphic design, content writing, web developing, data entry. If you speak multiple languages, those skills are well sought after too. You can even find dog walking jobs if you are good with dogs (which I guess many of you will be – since we are a PUG tattoo website so you must be…?) Make sure to protect yourself by getting the right dog walking insurance as well if you decide this is the right option for you.

4. Cook More

kitchen worktop - cooking more at home

Image Source: Erich Ferdinand on flickr

If you go out for an evening meal multiple times during the week or buy lunch from a supermarket every day, you can easily save money by cooking more at home. You can even have leftovers from the previous night for lunch the next day. a very effective way to not waste money (and food).

5. Cut Back on Alcohol & Cigarettes

frog with alcohol

Yes these can be expensive. Try to have some ‘alcohol-free’ days every week. As well as saving money, it’ll be good for your health. probably… We are not doctors or health professionals so we have nothing to support this argument.

6. Sell Stuff

yard sale selling unwanted clutter

Image Source: Alyson Redding on flickr

Sell your unwanted DVDs, books, CDs, clothes etc. We all know as an individual item these don’t sell for much but as a collection, it can be a significant amount. You can use websites like the good old ebay & musicmagpie. One thing to note is that your old used textbooks can make you a nice sum of cash, from my own experience.

7. Switch from Premium Services to Free Versions

spotify eating money

Image Source: Aren’tYouAlex-Spencer? on flickr

Spotify Premium is a good example. If you can live with not being able to listen to Spotify music offline and not so bothered about adverts in between songs, switch to the free version.

8. Cut Down on Your Daily Morning Starbucks Coffee

starbucks coffee shop front

Or Costa Coffee or any other coffee shop. They can really add up. Invest in a coffee machine and make your own coffee in the morning.

These money-saving strategies can take a bit of commitment in terms of time and changing your lifestyle, but it’s ok because you can keep reminding yourself your next tattoo is going to be super awesome.

As well as for saving up for a tattoo, these steps can help you save up for other cool important things in the long run, like more tattoos (of your pug), and maybe to get your unwanted tattoo removed. These are expensive too!

If you have any other tips for saving up for a tattoo, please let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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