Exciting News for Miami Ink & NY Ink’s Ami James Fans – ‘Love Hate Social Club’ Tattoo Studio to Open in November 2012


This is great news for us UK tattoo lovers, Ami James of ‘Miami Ink’ and ‘NY Ink’ is opening a new tattoo studio in London, UK. The shop will be called ‘Love Hate Social Club’, named after his other two tattoo studios in the US; Miami Ink’s ‘Love Hate tattoos’ and NY Ink’s ‘Wooster Street Social Club’.

Having tattooed a number of celebrities, including Tila tequila, Craig Ferguson, Johnny Messner, Ami James has established himself as a top tattoo artist.

As well as the tattoo legend himself, ‘Love Hate Social Club’ will have many great guest tattoo artists, including; Ross Nagle, Charlie Roberts, Randy Muller, Darren Brass, Chris Núñez and Megan Massacre. With so many amazing tattoo artists, the tattoo studio will surely have a massive & positive impact on the UK & London tattoo industry.

The tattoo studio are now booking appointments, so whether you’re wanting to get a new pug tattoo or a tattoo of something completely different, you can get in touch with them at booking@lovehatesocialclub.com. The information you need to disclose include; your email address, what tattoo on which body parts and how big the tattoo’s going to be, along with the design.

The shop will be located at 5 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, London, UK, and set to open on Tuesday 16 November 2012. More information to follow.

Feel we will be paying them a visit some time very soon!

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