What Type of People Like Pugs? Are you a ‘Pug Person’? (With Pics)

Some say dogs say a lot about their owners. Is this the case for pugs and their owners too? Are there similarities amongst pug owners and those who may not own pugs but just love them. In other words, is there such a term as a “pug person”? in the same way as how people may say “I’m a dog person” or “I’m a cat person”. In this post, we are going to try to look into some of the common personalities and characteristic pug lovers may share.

Pug owners love being followed by their pug minions

Pugs are very loyal to their owners. They will follow you from room to room, and in some cases to your bed too and love nothing more than snuggling and to just sleep. This makes it pretty hard for pug owners to do everyday things without involving them. But maybe we like that and love that you have those little minions on you (literally) all the time. As I type this, I have two pugs fighting each other and the laptop for my lap spot.

Picture Credit: Gemma Correll

People who like the unusual cuteness

Obviously, the breed’s adorable appearance is one of the main reasons why people fall in love with pugs in the first place. We think pugs are cute, in fact, the cutest. However, we also think they are cute in a very different way from what are classed as ‘typical cuteness’. This may be the reason why some people may find pugs and their squashed face feature extremely ugly. It is pretty amazing that there is a breed which can be considered to be cute and ugly at the same time. You never hear people say “Oh pugs are ok and are pretty average looking dogs.” Their appearance is either loved or hated, never in the middle, a bit like marmite (or vegemite, if you’re in Australia).


Pug people are committed to their pugs

From running this website, we have come across so many pug owners with tattoos of their pugs. In fact we have had over 850 pug tattoo pictures submitted. This really shows how much they love pugs, and so much that they decide to keep their pugs printed on their body forever. This shows how committed and dedicated pug owners really are to their beloved pugs. We also have numerous tattoos from people who don’t actually own a pug but just love the breed, which is awesome.

Photo Credit: Maggie and Bo the Pug

Funny people

No one’s going to disagree with this statement. Pugs are extremely funny, both in terms of how they look and act. So maybe we are those cheerful ones who are looking for entertainment in our daily lives. There are plenty of videos of this comedian breed on youtube. Below are some of our favourite funny pug videos.

Easy going – a chilled out entertainer

So pugs aren’t like some other breeds that may require hours of exercise each day. They are quite happy to go for short daily walks, play a bit while on the walks, play a bit when get home, eat and be couch potatoes the rest of the time. This can make our life easy. So people who live with pugs are naturally easy going – basically a chilled out entertainer.


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