Pug Tattoo Story – Tattoo on Heart

We all agree that pug tattoos are awesome, but it’s even more awesome when they come with a great story behind it. Today, we’re sharing a beautiful story behind a beautiful tattoo by Melanie from Flin Flon, Manitoba in Canada.

My Tattoo is dedicated to my toy pug Skoal. She is now just over one year old and she is my world. My fiance Kyle and i decided to get her because he was working out of town and i have never had a dog before.

Skoal broke her leg when she was about 10 months old. We were told that she had a good chance of never using her leg again and they brought up amputation. That was not one of our options, we didn’t care how much it cost we wanted her to have the use of her leg again. So we got reconstruction surgery on her leg which was an 80% success rate. When they were in surgery they also found a melanoma lump. I’ve never been so worried in my life.


Long story short, Skoal is a survivor. She had the lump tested and it was benign and she is running around on all four legs. Kyle and I are getting married this February. Our wedding is in Mexico where pugs don’t do so good in heat. So i got my tattoo on my left rib cage close to my heart so i can always have her with me, Skoal means so much to everyone in our family, our wedding day wouldn`t be complete without Skoal.

Tattooed by: Jason Feuerstein
Shop Name: Nothing to Lose Tattoo

Full size image of Melanies tattoo of Skoal can be seen in our Gallery.

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