Pug Tattoo Story – Pugzy and Coco

A story behind a Pug & Frenchie tattoo submitted by Isabel Dagio.

Submitted by: Isabel Dagio
Location: left upper arm in the inside
Artist: Jacob Ramirez at Kitsune Tattoo Club located in Downtown Los Angeles<

I have a pug named Pugzy (age 10) and a French bull dog named Coco (age 7). As they get older I learn to love them more and more.

Pugzy has been getting weaker with age. Coco is healthy as a pup. But despite that, I cannot imagine my life without both of them. I love them with my whole heart. I wanted to get a tattoo of them right next to my heart so I could always have them both with me.

I designed this tattoo with a Mexican theme because I love my culture and so I had the tattoo artist give Coco a crown of flowers like Frida Kahlo and Pugzy a Sombrero. It came out great and I couldn’t be happier.

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