How to Find the Right Pug Breeders – Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dog Breeder

So you have a good understanding of how much pugs cost and you are ready to make the big step of buying a pug puppy. But from where or who? With it being a really popular breed, the chances are that there are plenty of pug breeders everywhere whatever country you live in. As with anything else, having so much choice can make finding a good reputable breeder much harder.

By choosing a good pug breeder, you are making sure your new pug puppy will be healthy most importantly. In this article, we have outlined some of the tips to finding the right pug breeder and things to look out for. It is important that you don’t rush into buying a pug puppy as choosing the wrong breeder can be so devasting – remember your new pug will be part of your family and will be living with you for a long time.

One of the most important things you can do to make sure you make the right choice is to meet the breeder in person and spend some time chatting. Doing this will allow you to ask the breeder a number of questions. A responsible and knowledgeable breeder will be happy to answer all your questions and explain things clearly in detail. So make sure to prepare a list of questions before you visit them.

Some of the questions you should ask include:

Are the puppies registered with the official kennel club?

Most of the time, a good breeder will have their puppies registered with the national official kennel club. In the USA, they should be registered to the AKC (American Kennel Club) and the Kennel Club in the UK. Although not compulsory, it shows the breeders are responsible enough to taken extra effort to ensure their puppies meet the breed standard, and their health is not neglected.

How old are the puppies? And When Can I take them home?

A responsible breeder will not be accepting the visits or selling the pug puppies if they are younger than 3 weeks old. If the puppies are older than 12 weeks old, there might be reasons they are still for sale, so make sure to clarify these points with the breeder if this is the case. Moreover, the puppies should not leave their mothers before they are at least 8 to 12 weeks old. If the breeder is willing to let you take them home when they are too young, this is one of the major red flags.

Can I see the puppy’s parents?

This question will allow you to see the conditions that the puppies are bred in. You can also get a good idea of their general temperament and health conditions. Are they aggressive or shy? Do they seem to be in good health? Are they small or large pugs? You could also ask to see the parents’ health certificates to ensure they are healthy without no genetic diseases.

Are the puppies fully up to date with vaccinations and worming treatments?

The puppies should have their first vaccinations when he/she is between 6 and 8 weeks old, followed by another 2 to 4 weeks after. You need to make sure these have been done and ask for documents that verify the vaccinations.

Furthermore, the puppies should have been checked and received treatment for flea and worming.

Will you supply the papers with the pug puppy?

A good and reputable breeder will provide a copy of the pedigree and registration certificate. By purchasing from a good breeder, you should receive a contract of sale.

What do I need to feed the puppy?

It is important to understand what the puppy has been fed to ensure the transition goes smoothly. A good pug breeder will provide you with all the information and recommendations on what and when to feed your pug puppy.

A good breeder will ask about you

Being a responsible breeder means the puppy’s welfare and happiness come top priority following the sale. They will ask a number of questions about you and your home environment to make sure you would be a suitable pug owner, as well as evaluate how you socialise with their pug puppies. A responsible pug breeder will not rush you into just paying for the puppy and leave.

Once you have decided you are definitely getting a pug puppy, make sure to check out this comprehensive new puppy checklist, which will help you prepare to welcome your family member in your home!

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