8 Fun Facts about Pug Dog You Need to Know

Let’s all admit it. We all hold a very soft spot for Pug Dogs. Their innocent faces, their tiny size, the mischievous personalities, and even the way they waggle their tail at us – all make us fall for them even harder.

If you don’t already have a Pug dog, you sure need to get one now. So here are ten fun facts about these adorable animals.

Their name reminds you of a raisin

If you look at their adorable, wrinkled faces drooping down and simultaneously Google “pug,” you’d be surprised to find out that the definition matches that of a raisin a lot. A raisin is soft, sweet, and juicy. Although pugs are not meant to be eaten, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming sensation of joy and adoration towards them when you look at them.
Interesting, isn’t it?

Pugs don’t promote violence

They don’t bite anyone until you get on their bad side. They are comforting animals, who look after their owner’s well-being by making them feel loved and cared for. They promote peace, love everyone who owns them, be kind to them, and take good care of them.

They have eyes that can look into your soul

Their round, beady eyes are another noticeable trait about them. When they stare at you with affection or (if you don’t give them food, with anger), you can never tell the difference. It literally feels as if they are analyzing you, and this is so cool.
Please give us another animal that only has eyes for its owner like a pug does. We’ll wait!

Their underbite is legendary

If you already own a pug, you know that these animals have lower teeth, which sometimes supersedes their upper canines. Hence, this is why a pug’s underbite is well known throughout the world.

They are intellectuals

Now, this may sound untrue, but we swear to you that it isn’t. May Voldemort Avada Kedavra us if we do! In 2009, a pug named Chester Ludlow received an online graduation degree from Rochville University.

Basically, pugs are intelligent dogs, and they process everything around us. They may not talk, but when it comes to their thirst for knowledge, it is insatiable.

Pugs love to sleep

pug sleeping

You may think that we’re kidding, but no! They love sleeping. So if you are a sleeper, and you live alone with a pug, then you would know that they don’t like disturbing anyone while they’re asleep. They value sleep just as much as you do, or maybe even more. So consider a pug as your ideal roommate or house pet because it would not only keep you company but not disturb you either while you doze off on those precious minutes of yours. Ps: They actually look like adorable stuffed toys when they are asleep.

Pugs love food just as we do

Yes, we know it may sound hilarious, but it’s a fact. They are always on the lookout for delicious food, and we don’t complain. These dogs, which resemble cute stuffed toys, are just what you need to cheer you up any time of the day.

They are sociable

Since the dawn of time, these dogs have provided warmth and companionship to human beings. Until now, they have not less us down, which is why they are ideal pets and the best of friends. You may consider buying one if you don’t already have a gem of a friend like a pug!


If you want a friend who won’t out you out, a breed that is a promoter of peace, a legend who has been around this earth since the dinosaurs died, then a pug is a pet you should consider.

These are just a few fun facts, but to be honest, the list is endless. These wrinkled, stuffed toys give you a sense of belonging, are loyal, and will never let you down. They will stick by your side through everything and appreciate you when you come back home after a long, hectic day.

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