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Pug Zu main picture

Pug zu is a cross breed dog between the pug and the shih-tzu. On this page, you will find information on the pug zu, along with some pictures of the hybrid breed. If you’re having trouble deciding whether to you want to become a pug or shih tzu owner, the pug zu may be the perfect option. Read on to get a better idea of what this cross breed is like.

Appearance of the Pug Zu

Like other pug cross breeds, what the pug zu’s look like can vary. Some will look more like a pug, but others can look more similar to the shih tzu. The pug zu may have the following features:

  • Fluffy hair
  • Short or long-ish fair
  • Black / Dark mask
  • Curly tail

How Big Do Pug Zu get?

With both the pug and the shih tzu being small breeds, pug zu’s are typically small in size, which can make the cross breed suitable to many peoples’ lifestyles. For example, they are ideal for those living in apartments as they don’t require a lot of room. Pug zu’s can vary in colour including, fawn, brindle, apricot dark brown, or could be a mix of various colours. In general, adult pug zu weigh between 4 and 10 kg, and should’t get taller than 30cm.

Chicho 3 year old Pug Zu
Chico the 3 Year Old Pugzu

How Much Pug Zu’s for Sale Cost

How much a pug zu costs will depend on a number of different factors, such as where they are located and how old they are. Typically, pug zu’s do not cost as much as pugs to purchase. We have come across pug zu’s for sale, with the prices ranging from £200 ($325 USD approx.) to £700 ($1150 UDS approx.). One thing we recommend is to carry out careful research when looking f c or a pug zu and always make sure to ask a lot of questions. For example, about the puppy’s parents. This could ensure you get a healthy pug zu from a good quality breeder.

Do Pug Zu Shed?

Yes, Pug Zu shed, but how much they shed can vary. If a pug zu carries more pug traits, it will likely to shed more, if it inherits its coat more from Shih Tzu, it won’t shed as much. It is important that the Pug Zu is regularly clipped and groomed. This one on Amazon will do just the job – and these are surprisingly inexpensive!

The Characteristics and Temperaments of the Pug Zu

The best way to determine the characteristics and temperaments of a pug zu is by looking at both parent breeds; the pug and shih tzu. As we all know, the pug is a great family dog, and some of their nature include loyal, lively, friendly, people orientated, food motivated and playful – love playing with dog toys. You can check out these dog toys to try out. The shih tzu shares some of the pug’s characteristics, however, the breed could develop small dog syndrome, which is very rare in pugs. A pug zu you get can have any of these characteristics and are sure to become the perfect choice for all types of families, whether with children or those with small living space.

Training your Pug Zu

Here are some pug zu training books available online.

Pug Zu Photos

Below you will find some pictures of the pug zu. We are always looking for photos of pug zu’s, so please get in touch with us if you have some pictures and are happy for us to share on our website. Please check out other pug cross breeds information we have on our website HERE.

Gizmo, the 12 week old Pug-Zu Puppy, submitted by Noemi.

Gizmo Pug Zu Puppy 12 weeks old

Chewbaca aka Chewie the Pug Zu, submitted by Esme and Jake – “We recently welcomed this little guy, his mom is a shitzu(light coat) and dad is a pug (black coat). He was 7 weeks old in this photograph, he is now 9 weeks old and he is a happy puppy, loving and chasing our little girls all day long.” Photograph by Esmeralda Aroz.

Chewbaca aka Chewie the Pug Zu

Submitted by Gemma Lowry, “She’s called Millie and is just over a year old. She is pretty small, smaller than a purebred pug – her mum was a black Shih Tzu and her dad was a black pug. She’s quite the character and has got that typical stubborn pug streak and will only do something if she really wants to!”

Pugzu Millie 01
Pugzu Millie 02

Submitted by Rossy – “These are my 2-month-old Pug Zu puppies. His mother is a pug and his father is a shitzu.”


Flora the Pug cross Shih Tzu, Thanks Kimberley for sharing this awesome picture with us!

Flora the Pug-Zu

Below are pictures of Gizmo the 12 year old Pug Zu, Submitted by Margaret Poland.

Gizmo the Pug Zu - Pug Cross Shih Tzu
Gizmo the 12 month old Pug Zu - Pug Cross Shih Tzu 02

Mr BeeBee the 1 year old Pug Zu. Thanks Sarah for sharing these pictures!

Mr BeeBee - 1yr old pug zu
Mr BeeBee - 1yr old pug zu - 2

Tilly the Pug Zu, submitted by Charlie. “Tilly died of suspected meningitis. Sadly she never made it for an MRI to confirm as she was just too weak. She was only 2 and the life and soul of our home. I came across your site when I was looking up Pugzu’s after tilly had died, I thought she was just too cute of a pugzu not to share, so Thank you for sharing her pictures.”

Tilly the Pug-zu 01

Below are some photos of Nelly, the 9 month old pugzu (pug shih tzu cross), submitted by Jessica. “She is a very loving and friendly little dog.”

Nelly the 9 month old Pugzu 01
Nelly the 9 month old Pugzu 02

Vinny, the 3 year old Pugzu, submitted by Nicholas.

Vinny the three year old Pugzu 01

Oscar, the 1.5 years old Pug-Zu – “He is the sweetest boy in the world. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion.”

Oscar Pugzu

Daisy the Pug Zu. Thanks Vicki for sending us this cute picture.
“My husband and I got her from a small dog rescue about 2 years ago. Yes, she is as crazy as she looks but we love her :)”

Pug Zu Daisy

Peggy the Pug Zu, shared by Bekkii from Bristol, UK.
“I am lucky enough to own a pug zu called Peggy. She is 4 months old and is apricot in colour like her dad.”

Peggy the Pug Zu 4 Months Old

Cupcake the Pugzu puppy, shared by Angel Gates

Cupcake the Pugzu puppy pugzu

Dexter, the 14 month old Pug Zu, submitted by Jay & Amy

Dexter the 14 month old Pugzu

Left – Chew bacca the 21 month old Pug Zu, submitted by Rachel from Ottawa.
Right – Submitted by Sharon, Clayton-le-moors, Lancashire, UK “I’m happy to share pictures of our pug x shih tzu – Doug the Pug. He’s now 8 months old and is full of character – very loving and great with children but he has got that stubborn streak!”

Pug zu Chewbacca
Doug the pug-zu 01

Four pictures of Portia Renae, the Pug-Zu, submitted by Kristina Inman. “Our baby girl, Portia Renae, is 2 1/2 years old. She is absolutely adorable and the star of the family. We spoil and pet her all the time. She doesn’t have small dog syndrome and is never a brat. Portia is a very good girl and will do anything for a treat!” From Left to Right: As a puppy, at one year, at two years old, at two and half years old.

Portia the one year old Pugzu puppy 01
Portia the one year old Pugzu puppy 02
Pugzu Portia - two years old
Pugzu Portia - two and half years old

Pixie, the 9 week old Pug Zu puppy, shared by Lauren Willde

Pizie the nine weeks old Pugzu puppy

Hi this is our 10 month old pug zu Ruby, mum is a black Shih Tzu and dad is a black pug. She’s such a diva but we all love her to bits, submitted by Gail.

10 months old pug-zu Ruby

Gizmo, the 3 months old pug cross shih tau bichon (zuchon), shared by Bec and Reece. “He is so lovely and a proper little mummy’s boy”.

Gizmo the pugzu - pug cross zuchon three months old

Submitted by Jennifer – “We found our Pug-Zu on a Facebook garage sale page. He was $30 or he was going to the pound. He is a 4 year old gift from Heaven. He was a scruffy mess when we got him and didn’t have any of his records so we took him to the groomer the previous family had taken him. That’s when we found out we were his 4th family. I was completely heartbroken for him. I love him more than any other dog I’ve ever had. I never rescued before (always bought puppies from a breeder) and I highly recommend it -he is so appreciative, loving, loyal, and any other positive words you can think of. He has separation anxiety and every time we come home his face is soaked with tears, but hopefully he eventually will know we will always be back! We love him more with every day we get to share with him, and I’m happy to say he finally has his furever home!”

buddy pug zu

Bella Pugzu, submitted by Debbie – “She’s a 16 month old sweet little girl we love her so much.”

16 months old pug-zu Bella

Submitted by Debbie – “This is blaze he is a 8 month old pugzu his moms a pug dads a shih tzu hes our sweet baby boy.”

8 month old pugzu Blaze

Morris the Pug Zu – “I’m a 2 years old, I’m lovable, playful and very family oriented.”

morris the pug zu two years old 01
morris the pug zu two years old 02

Puppalupugis the Pug-Zu, submitted by Ashley – “He is 7 months old. He is very smart and very funny. My favourite dog!”

seven months old pugzu Puppalupugis

Diamond the Pugzu, submitted by Andrea – “This is Diamond, she is a 11 months old Pugzu and has just had her first heat. When I adopted her she was covered in fleas and pooping blood. With just a healthy diet and flea shampoo and frontline she is no longer skin and bones. But healthy healthy healthy! My Lil girls just adore her, they cuddle and play and never a nip or a claw. She is gentle and sweet. Anyone wanting a mix breed I think these are the ones to get. There great family dogs, easy to train and we’ll myne looks like a teddy bear!”

11 month old Pugzu Diamond

Shadow the Pugzu, submitted by Dave – “I have a pug zu and she is 2 and half years old. Her name is shadow. When our female cat ran away and left her kittens she took over as there mother. She’s great to be around but can be a little agresive to strangers. We love her a lot.”

shadow the two year old pugzu

Poppy the Pug-Zu, Submitted by Laura – “Here is Poppy, she is 7 months old. Her dad’s a pug and the mom’s a Shitzu.”

poppy the 7 month old pug-zu

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Pug Zu Reviews

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Pug Zu
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
by Angela on Pug Zu
Love our pug zu-Dug

Our little pug zu is 5 and he’s so affectionate and easy to train. He’ll do anything for a cuddle or a Pat.

by Mandee's Mom on Pug Zu

After our pug and bugg were attacked and killed, our neighbor gave us Mandee for Christmas. She is 3 months old and brought happiness and joy back to our home. She is so active and funny, we can't help but laugh at her antics.

by Carol on Pug Zu
Stella's Mom

I have a 1 1/2 year old pug zu little mama. Her name is Stella ans she saved my life after loosing my brother. She is lively, energetic and so funny. I rescued her from the original owner who no longer could take care of her. Shes perfect!

by Kimberly Williams on Pug Zu
I love my lil man!!

My lil man's name is Patches and he has given me a new look at life after fight my 2nd cancer (breast). Thank God for me and my family's Baby.

by Cindy on Pug Zu
Rescued baby girl

We just rescued a 9 month old Pugzu yesterday. So far she's getting along with our pugs. She has teeth, lower, that stick out. Haha. Enjoying this page for info.

by Kate on Pug Zu
My new baby

My Pugzu is 9 weeks and 1 day old. Her name is Willow and she is such a cutie. I wanted a small dog and thats what I got, a small dog with a huge personality. She is a lovable whirlwind and tornado rolled into one. I love her to bits she is my baby and my 5 cats love her too.

by Nelly on Pug Zu
New addition to the family

I bought Nelly the Pug-Zu yesterday for an early birthday present. She is so loving and is settling in well. She is also not bothered about the cats. Best dog I have bought in a long time. Hope no toe-rag steals this dog as what happened to our last dog, Jasper.

by Maxine Mondragon on Pug Zu
My Pug Zu is Chico

Hello, I'm Maxine Mondragon. I live in New Mexico. I was given this precious little Pug Zu from a neighbor. I asked, What's wrong with him. They said they didn't have time for him. He is the best gift I could have ever asked for. Best Dog Ever. He's fun, smart, and so lovable. He loves kids, does tricks, loves toys. I adore him.

by Barb Begley on Pug Zu
Retiree looking for PugZu love

Hi I have been looking on different websites for a pug zu and I came across Lucky Pug site. Could anybody help me out on my quest to find a female Pug Zu in western Canada, or anywhere in Canada> I am on Vancouver Island. Thanks


by Stacy Gholz on Pug Zu
Lucky Pug

Thanks for this site! We lost our 4 year old baby girl Penny this last Monday due to being hit by a car. We've never felt a loss quite like this. She was our sweetheart. Would anyone be able to point is in the direction of a breeder or who may have pups for sale? We could never replace her but we know now there is no love like that of a pug zu. We hope to find a female and preferably a darker color but will be happy to share our love with any pup we may find. Thank you and my email is Stacy.gholz@gmail.com

by Jami on Pug Zu
Help me find a Pug Zu puppy

Hello! I have a Pug Zu that was a rescue and I have never loved anyone more in my life. I would love to add another in my family as I have so much love to give. Can anyone help me find a puppy in the USA? You can email me @jamidee25@hotmail.com

by Taunie on Pug Zu
We love our little girl!

My husband and I rescued our Kimber in November of 2014 from a local rescue. My husband isn't usually a big fan of little dogs but she won over his heart the day we saw her at the shelter. She was a year old, but had been abused previously. It took her about a week to warm up to us, but she is our child now. She sleeps with us every night, cuddles on the couch whenever we're sitting down, and LOVES squeaky toys. She is great with our cat, and great with our friends kids. We would be absolutely lost without our little girl!

by Dee on Pug Zu
My own little Muppet !

Bellini is our little Pug Zu we got in Las Vegas. When we went to adopt her she was with her siblings and they all looked like little Muppets together!

She is our little clown but Very I mean Very co- dependent... If she could be an extr appendage on my body she would!!! Ha. Ha love my "B" so much!

by Tracy on Pug Zu
Dave n maggie

Love my pugzu's. We got Dave from a puppy and loved him so much but he was very lonely. We found maggie a year later she is 6 months younger than dave, so similar but so different, she follows him everywhere and cries if he dares to go out without her. love them both to the moon and back

by deborah aregood on Pug Zu
my pugzu bella

Shes a great little girl who is 16 months