Hug (Pug & Husky Mix)


The Hug is a mixed breed between the Pug and the Husky/Siberian Husky. As crazy as it sounds to have two such different breeds in terms of appearance, size and characteristic, they are actual pug hybrid breed that exist. Read on to find all the information you will want to know about this pug cross breed.

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The Hug and Dog Registries

The hug is recognised by Dog Registry of America (DRA), previously known as the US Kennel Club.

Characteristics of the Pug Cross Husky

The best way to understand what kind of personalities and characteristics a hug will have is by looking at the pure parent breeds; the pug and the siberian husky. As we all know pugs are typically friendly, great with little children and other small pets, loyal to owners, lively, but also at the same time can be couch potatoes. Although Siberian Huskies share some of these, such as friendly and they are great family dogs, there are other characteristics worth mentioning. For instance, huskies do not adapt well in small living space and intelligent.

Furthermore, due to their large size and the fact that they are classed in the working dog category, they are very energetic and require significant amounts of exercise. Some pug husky dog mix may be more similar to the pug while others may get their personalities from the husky side.

Pug Cross Siberian Husky for sale and the Cost to Buy

In general, pug cross husky are less expensive to buy than the pure pug breed. The prices will depend on a number of different factors including the age, the location and how reputable & quality the breeder is. Pugs generally cost between £800 ($1,230 US approx) and £1300 ($2,000 US approx). There are a few things worth remembering if you are looking to buy a hug. For example, it is advisable to make sure to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder and always ask to see the parents.

Appearances of Hugs

How hugs look can vary from one to another. It’s not always the case that a hug will look 50% pug, 50% husky. Some will have features closer to pugs, while others may not. For instance, you will find hugs that are small, medium and large size. Some of the common appearance features of hugs include:

  • squashed face
  • silky hair
  • short hair
  • heavy shedding
  • light shedding
  • curly tail
  • straight tail
  • flat ears
  • pointy ears
  • dark mask

What’s more pug cross husky mix dogs can come in various colours, such as white, silver, fawn and more commonly mixture of multiple colours.

Pug Cross Husky Pictures

We are always looking for hug pictures to display on this page. If you have any pug cross husky pictures that you would like to share with us, please contact us at or via our contact page.

Submitted by Haylet – Here is my Husky and Pug cross, “Hug”, named Jax

Jax the Hug - Pug cross Husky

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Lucky Pug
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Barb Martin
Nova hug mix

We rescued a hug as we were told from a man who wanted to get rid of her. He said he got her from a breeder but she was untrainable and too small of a breed for his small children. When we got her supposedly she was 8 weeks and 6 pounds but by how she got her canines she was more like 12 weeks. Once we got her urinary tract infection taken care of, fleas, malnutrition, and dehydration, she trained easily following our older rescue who was not quite 2 year LA, half border collie and rat terrier, who took over the pup like a mom. Nova is a beautiful brindle, 34 pounds, looks more like husky with husky fur but has the underbite of the pug. She is difficult to train, it's like she has Adhd. She seems to be here, there, everywhere. She loves to hunt animals and run outside but is completely lovable and a goofball. Fun to watch her. She does annoy her older sister who has the working dog breed and seriousness to her at times lol but after Mya has had enough she puts her in her place. We now have 2 very unique looking rescues that we love completely.

 by Debra Horn

My hug is about 2 and half months old. How big do they get?

As with any cross breeds, how big your pug cross husky can vary - Some will have appearance and features closer to the husky, while others may be sized/look similar to pugs. If you would like to send us a picture of your hug, please send us an email at with any descriptions. Thank you