French Bulldog Training Made Easy

The dog is a human’s best friend and this age-old adage has held itself out on too many occasions to count. These furry members of our lives are the best companions that one could form and no matter what happens, they never leave the side of their masters.

But just like their human counterparts, they also require a lot of love and care in their life. They also require to be trained just like human babies right from the stage of childhood so that they could become good dogs when they mature.

This adorable squishy-faced breed is a very playful one yet at certain times, they can become very stubborn and aggressive. They are very sweet, adaptable, and intelligent creatures and with the following guidelines, they could be trained in no time. This French Bulldog training guide shows you the right steps in a very easy way.

Begin with Socialization

Bulldogs are extremely social and love to meet new people and play. Their friendly and affectionate nature can be used to the advantage of their training. For them, early interactions can go a long way to make them good bulldogs. Making them meet other pups on evening walks and while strolling can leave a very good and positive impact on them.

Aim to Train With Obedience

Dogs need to be very obedient to their owners for all kinds of intents and purposes. Simple commands like ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘stay’, ‘down’ could be initialized to bring in the desired behavior. Training them for even as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day could make a key difference in their personality.

Safety Training is Important

They could become very possessive about the things they choose to put inside their mouth like chewing toys or food. And sometimes, they unknowingly have a tendency to put a dangerous object inside that could either choke them or harm their health. And that is why it is very important that one should definitely train them for their own safety. Beginnings could be simple with simple chains of commands like ‘Leave it’ or ‘Drop it’.

Use Food

Since these adorable puppies are total foodies and gluttons, they could always be trained with good foods. We do not recommend taking them to your favorite restaurants but you could always get them nutritious and balanced bulldog food. Also, they should be given a specific place to eat at. It could either be a corner of the room or near their sleeping bed, somewhere where they feel safe and can relish their food without any worries.

Reward and Teach

Last but not the least, they need some kind of motivation and incentive to perform and do tasks according to our wishes. And if they display a good nature and behavior, they must be rewarded accordingly with a suitable dog treat or their favorite delicacy. Teaching and training them with food not only makes it easier for the trainer but it also makes the wholesome experience a lot more enjoyable for the Frenchie as well.

To Conclude

Training french bulldogs could be really easy. All it takes is a little knowledge, lots of love, and patience to bring them up to be well-mannered pets for life.

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