Neck Pug Tattoos


On this page, we aim to bring you with the most awesome neck pug tattoos on the web. If you have a pug tattoo on your neck, please get in touch, we’d love to see it!

Neck pug tattoo by Vetoe of Zombie Tattoo Norco
Neck Pug Tattoo on Merlyn Navarro Sanchez
Neck Pug Tattoo on Josh Herrera, by Justin Luke Pittsley
Neck Pug Tattoo on Rafael Saccol of de Los Santos Tattoo Studio in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Neck/Back Pug Tattoo on Aimee, by Chelsea Soto at Jaded Gypsy Tattoo in Rock Island
Neck Pug Tattoo by Cago Tattoo, Czech Republic