Leg Pug Tattoos – Black & Grey


On this page, you will find a collection of black & grey leg pug tattoos. Black and grey tattoos can often perceived as simple, but in reality they can be so detailed and amazing! Black & Grey leg pug tattoos are perfect for pug portraits, pug outline tattoos and script writing. Often the most realistic pug portrait tattoos are done in black and greys.

Thigh Pug Tattoo on Grant, by Kyle of Tat2u, Swansea, UK
Artist: Sebastian Lay Tatuador
Calf pug tattoo on Cody K Day, by Mark Diehl of Classic Tattoo, San Macros
Archie the Pug tattoo by Dan at Manchester Ink, UK
On cezarkr, by: sergraytattoo
Artist: IG mrozyc
Submitted by IG pug0726, original design by Gemma Correll
Submitted by Penelope Golden, Artist: ig slic_is_nutz
Submitted by Debbie Smith
Leg pug tattoo by Chris Mata'afa
Pug & Moon Tattoo - submitted by Brooke Kitching, artist Sammy Walters of Tailor Made Tattoo
Ghost Pug Tattoo - RIP Gatsby - on Caitie by IG junjuntattoo
Leg pug tattoo by James Jang of Bohemian Tattoo Arts, NZ
Artist: Marciopoeta Gellys tattoo
Leg pug tattoo on Jennifer Forster by Davotattoo Aachen
Pug Tattoo by Dan Quintana Cgn Ink
Pug Tattoo by Jason Wheelwright
Thigh pug tattoo on by ig: faabbz
Purdy the Pug tattoo on Dan Holland, by Megan at Incredible Ink Gosport
Submitted by Thalyta Vasconcelos
Snow Pug tattoo, submitted by Twitter: TyBessinger
Leg pug tattoo submitted by Arthur Oliveira
Leg Pug Tattoo on Erdza
Leg Pug Tattoo on Summer Pyper, by Kodies Smith
Leg Pug Tattoo on  IG many_moo25
Pug Tattoo on millamajia by Jessica Jonetta
Memorial Tattoo on IG no0d3lz by IG eelcoeelcz of 71 Tattoo
Origami Pug Tattoo on Lexie by IG: needsmoreblack of House of Ink
Leg Pug Tattoo on IG glittervickan by IG tobbewallstreet, Sweden
Leg Pug Tattoo on Belov Roman, by goodjobtattoo
Leg pug tattoo on ig: pugsinblack, by Ronny Larsen of Q-Tattoo Herning Denmark
Hampug Tattoo by Jade
Artist: Susanne Konig of Immer & Ewig Tattooing, Hamburg, Germany
Norah and Charles tattoo, design by Bah Humpug
Max the Pug memorial tattoo, design by Bah Humpug
Leg Pug Tattoo on Isabelle, by Javier Rodriguez
Neil the Pug Tattoo
Emma the Pug tattoo on IG: stavros_mp
Artist: Takato Douji (Japan)
Submitted by  IG @benitobodoquepug
Frank the Pug - by Kev at Draconian Tattoo Aberdeen
On: IG @shits_evil
Submitted by Patricia Martin
 RIP Tully the Pug - by Spike of Human Canvas Tattoo Studio
Artist: Audrey Karine
 Submitted by Paula Freitas Aquino
 Submitted by Maartje Jacobs
Submitted by IG @jjagodka
Submitted by IG @kamila-urbex
Artist: Mathilde Nygaard Sorensen
By Melissa Szeto Love Hate London
Artist: Danielle Hughes
Submitted by Ladinya
RIP Holly Mae - submitted by Emily H from NH
Artist: Nerida Nicolson
Artist: Jose Hernandez of Ink Addiction in Casa Grande, Arizona
On: Bukang Tindz
Submitted by Giada Cavazzi
Studio: Hellcats Tattoo Parlour, Leicestershire
Artist: Suzanna Fisher of Bellwether Tattoo
Artist: Dave Poole of Lauderhill FL
Chantall the Pug - on Evelyn Haj Hossein
on: IG @noelia.schz
RIP Roxy - by Mike Story of Adrenaline Toronto
Original Art by Gemma Correll, Tattoo Artist: Hollie West of Indigo Tattoo, Norwich, UK
Studio: MPLS Tattoo, Minneapolis
RIP Chloe - by Leah Gooflett of Lambadi City Tattoo Cincinnati, OH
His and Hers - Submitted by Amanda Kennedy
Submitted by Deanna Davies
on: Angela Frazzica, Australia
submitted by Ian Skotnes
Artist: Terry Spader of Art of Spader Ink
on @ecki2705
Harry the Pug - IG @harrythedowniepug
on Christian Anderson, OC, CA, USA
Bimba the Pug
Harry the Pug - Completed!
Artist: Riki-Kay Middleton
Artist: Lee Ogorman at Holdfast Tattoo, Dover, NH
 Artist: Marcel Tambach of se7en Sins Tattoo
Artist: Marcel Tambach of se7en Sins Tattoo
Artist: Aaron Farina of Permanent Ink Tattoo Studio
Artist: Patrick Henderson of Sacred Souls Ink Tattoo Studi
Artist: Eric Lalande from Ottawa, Canada
RIP Odo - by Emma from Aurora Tattoo, Lancaster
Matching Pug Tattoo - by IG @roadkill_riley_tattoos
Portrait Tattoo of Roxy the pug.Tattooed by Pete Belson @ Dragstrip Tattoos
Our Lady of Grace - on Cassia Zilio
Artist: Paul Reynolds at Luck Tattoo Studio
On:  IG - @junjun_huang
Studio: American Beauty in Sunset Beach
Artist: Jessica Chung
Artist: Jeff Gogue
 RIP Pixie - Artist: David Corden, UK
Artist: Dominic Piccirillo at Brass City Tattoo
Artist: Shane Trevett of Stiehis Body Modification in Ithaca, NY, USA
Artist: Stephanie Flannery of Golden Rule Tattoo
Submitted by Leticia Lopes by Igor Vieira, Brazil
Artist - Freddie Albrighton, Birmingham, UK
Tattooed by Peter Belson from Dragon Strip Tattoos, Southampton, UK
George - Studio: Ocean Tattoo Kkaron Beach, Thailand
Artist: Scotty Unsworth of Traditional Tattoo, Regina
Artist: Josh of City of Ink, Christchurch, NZ
Meeko - Tattooed by Rob at Damaged Ink in Spanaway, WA, USA
Artist - Marcus Maguire at Custom Inc, Glasgow, Scotland
 Artist: Adrian Edek
Pimp Pug - Tattooed by Robert Borbas of Dark Art Tattoo, BP, Hungary
 Walter - LUCKY PUG - Tattooed by Ceco of Vivid Ink, Sutton, Coldfield, Birmingham, UK
Artist: Tumbleweed Tomas of Liberty Tattoo, Seattle, WA, USA
ArtistL Tony Torvis of MTL Tattoo, Montreal, Canada
On: Bailey Adams
Artist: Eric Martinello of Adrenaline Tattoo, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Panchi & Tyrion - Tattooed by Alvaro Contreras of Mr Cworlwy Tattoo Studio, Spain
Seloy the Pug - Tattooed at Mia's Tattoovision, Netherlands
 Artist: Jake Anderson of Divine Machine Tattoo, Buffalo, NY, USA
 Pugsly Sticker Tattoo -Artist: by Issac Rodriguez of Blind Side Tattoo Studio Art, Austin, TX, USA
Tattooed by Marcelo from Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Tattooed by Da Mucca of Inkflink, Tampa, FL
Fancy Pug - by Xander Thorn at Hallelujah Goat, Seattle, Washington, USA
Tattooed by James at Blue Cardinal Tattoo, Manchester
Tattooed by Vinny Romanelli at Red Rocket Tattoo in NYC, USA
Leg Pug Tattoo on Lisa in Medellin, Colombia, by Maotattoo
Tattooed by Ben of Motor City Tattoos, Canada
Tattooed by Denis Prevost from Liveonce Tattoo, ON, Canada
Tattoo by Kim of Lucky 13, Northampton, UK
Tattooed by Chris Dykes of La Mancha Tattoos, CA, USA
Lottie and Eugene -Tattooed by Otis Emma of Jeanandotis Healthcare
On: Jessica Krogman
  Ewok Pug - Tattooed by Kevin Becvar of One King Tattoo, USA
Tattooed by Gionata Zanoni at Borderline Tattoo Studio
Earl the pug - by Wes at Wes's Tattoo, Maple, Canada
Maisey the pug - by Wes of Wes's Tattoo, Maple, Canada
Puggoyle - by Shannon Daley of Shakey's Deluxe Tattoos, USA
Submitted by Rachel Framer
Posh Pug - Tattooed by Jon the Trike
 Gemma Correll Inspired Pugs - Tattooed by Shannon Young at Forever Young Tattoo
 Tatooed by Xander Thorn, Seattle, USA
Tattooed by Beaudean Crawford at Native One Tattoo Kirra, AUS
Tattooed by James of Loaded Forty Four Tattoo & Piercing Parlour
Three Pugs - Tattooed by Tony of White Dragon
 Memorial Pug Tattoo - RIP Elvis - Tattooed by Cuong Tcheou of Vanh's Tattoo Studio
 Memorial Tattoo - RIP Pugsly - Tattooed by Sean Rakos Atomic Tattoo
Portrait of Dallas the Pug - Tattooed by Luke of Rock n' Roll Tattoo, Glasgow
Pug portrait - Tattooed by Theofabri of Badskin Tattoos
Tattooed by Joey Luck of Tattooed Planet Classic Tattoo Parlor
Tattooed by Gill Schütz from Bad Fredeburg, Germany
 Skye & Jet - Submitted by Andy N Colin from Birmingham, UK
Tattooed by Spencer Goldbach
Kirby the Pug - Tattooed by Pete Thethief at Skin Candy in Brighton
 Tattooed by Hollie at Indigo Tattoo in Norwich, UK
 Jesse & Monty the Pugs - Submitted by Tia Talvitie from Finland
Pug Life - Thanks @artbyrivas
 AHOY! Sailor Pug -  Tattooed by Mark Lonsdale at Collective Tattoo & Designed by Kirbee Lawler
Tattooed by Tyler Bloomingdale of Black Anvil Tattoo
 Very Realistic Pug Portrait - Tattooed by Andy Bautista at Sacred Gallery
 Frank the Pug - Tattooed by  Polly Thompson at Five Magic tattoo in Sheffield, UK
 Handsome Bow Tie Black Pug - Tattooed at Hold Fast Tattoo Studio in California, USA
 Cartoon Style Pugs - Tattooed at Birmingham Ink Tattoo
 Black Pug, Tattooed by Anne Morando at Adorn Body Art in Portland OR USA
 Space Pug, 'Felix' named after Felix Baumgartner
Small Ankle Pug Tattoo, Tattooed by Jess Koehler, New York, US