Hand Pug Tattoos


You will find a selection of pug tattoos on hands below. What more can we say about hand pug tattoos other than Awesome and beautiful! Whatever activities you do throughout the day, you’ll always be able to stare at your beautiful hand tattoo and should make your day a bit more exciting!

Hand Unicorn Pug Tattoo by Cocoblacc Ink
Hand Pug Tattoo on Cocoink, by Marc Fischer of Pechschwarz Tattoo
Artist: Fernando Shimizu, Sao Paulo, Brazil
On: Anouschka Chappell
Let's be friends forever - Tattooed by Abbie Williams
Artist: Sostenes Lopes of Mahadeva Custom Tattoo, Brazil
Artist: Jen at Hooligans Tattoo, USA
Artist: Oash Rodriguez of La Cosa Nostra Tattoo, Madrid, Spain
Artist: Steven Myron Birr from Milwaukee, WI, USA
Tattooed by Bert Thomas of Skyn Yard, UK
Artist: Wade Larkin, Australia
Tattooed by Cheryl of Birmingham Ink
Awesome Pug on Hand - Tattooed by Adrian Dominic from LA, CA, USA
Pug Life - Tattooed by Jon Piper at Iron Anchor Tattoos
Tattooed by Craig Watson, Melbourne
PUG LIFE - Submitted by Tom from Beards Against Domestic Violence
Pug on a Thumb - Tattooed by Daniel Hartley of Distinktion Tattoo Studio, UK
It is all about PUG LIFE! Submitted by Kalyn Schlieger
Tattooed by Bango Bingoo from Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Pugs with Attitude - Submitted by Eric Fargiorgio from Earie, Pennsylvania, USA