Foot Pug Tattoos


This picture gallery showcases the most awesome pug tattoos on the feet. We adore foot tattoos in general, but especially of pugs. Some people may say the foot is a really awkward place to get tattooed as it can be difficult to heal. It may limit you on wearing tight shoes for a few weeks and hurt to walk on during the healing period, as well as the pain itself when getting it done. However we believe foot pug tattoos are worth all the awkwardness, and you’ll just fall in love with it once it’s done! Just think, how nice would it be to be able to stare at something that you love all the time!

Norma Jean - on Sarah Belobrajdic, by IG missinctattoos
Foot pug tattoo by Erica Chunli
Foot pug tattoo by Robert Silva
Foot Pug Tattoo by Vee
Artist: Steven Scala of The Pink Banana Tattoo Studio
Submitted by Maritza
Artist: Pete Goerlitz of Times of Grace Tattoo
Artist: Thea Louise Wood of From the Heart, Loughborough, UK
RIP Jack Puglet - Artist: Butler of Vintage Inx, UK
Artist: Stu O'Neil of Art Alfreton, Derbyshire, UK
Yoda Pug - Studio: the Living Canvas, Scarborough, UK
Artist: John of Hard Luck Tattoos Lodi, CA
Inspired by Gemma Correll, Tattooed by Peter Bauer
Artist: Dani Green of Dragstrip, Southampton, UK
Artist: Mike Campbell at Clever Rebel Tattoo, Washington, USA
Gemma Correll Inspired Pug Tattoo by by Colby Pfister of Infinity Tattoo
Artist: Travis Berg of Inkvision in Boise Idaho
Tattooed by Maria Fernandez Tattoo, Hamburg, Germany
Artist: Nick Koster of Freestyle Tattoo, Canberra, AUS
Foot Pug Tattoo on Luciia
Tattooed by Tracey Rose of Lucky Soul, Tattoo, USA
Tattooed by Chadillac Green of 805 Ink, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Yoda & Boss the Pugs -  Tattooed by Leonie New at Voodoo Ink in St Kilda, AUS
Tattooed by Amy savage at Jayne Doe Tattoo Studio, UK
Wrinkly Pug - on Emily Charlott
Foot Pug - Tattooed by Jon the Trike
Only Dog Can Judge Me - Tattooed by Derek Noble
Smoking Pug - Submitted and Tattooed by Kyle Wood Tattoos, Washington, US
Tattooed by Danny Young at Tattoo Magic in Melbourne
Matching Feet Pug Tattoos - Tattooed by Jonathan Medina at Low Tide Tattoos
Fawn and Black Pugs & Crossbones - Tattooed by George Patton at Lacey's Finest Tattoo
 Tattooed by Robert Kidd at (Chester Benington's - Linkin Park) Club Tattoo in Las Vegas, USA
Pug With a Twist - Tattooed by Donavan at Ink Bomb Tattoos, Arizona, US
Boston the Pug - Submitted by Miles White from Melbourne Australia
Pug & Footprints - Tattooed at Grafix Tattoo Studio in Blackburn, UK