Chest and Stomach Pug Tattoos


We aim to bring you a collection of awesome chest and stomach pug tattoos in this section. With the chest being close to your heart, getting a pug tattoo on your chest can be a very personal and emotional place. The stomach where it’s not shown at all times, it would be a perfect place to get a pug tattoo if you want to keep it private. Whichever body part, whether the stomach or chest you want to get your pug tattoos on, we are sure they will look super cool. Get inspired!

Kikou the Pug - by Effysuicide, Switzerland
Stomach Pug Tattoo submitted by IG karlamarcial
Chest Pug Tattoo submitted by IG ivan_ovcharenko
Chest pug tattoo by Pumuki David Campos
Chest pug tattoo on Guillermo
Chest Pug Tattoo by Stephen McConnell of Main Street Tattoo Collective
Chest Pug Tattoo by Lucie Morticia of Guns n Ink Tattoo Studio
Chest Pug Tattoo on Hannah Tynan
RIP Dylan Pug Tattoo - Submitted by Joel Carson
Side Pug Tattoo by Ron Mor of the End is Near, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Chest Pug Tattoo by Ron Mor of the End is Near, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Chest Pug Tattoo on Veronica, by Gregory Duarte, LA, USA
Stomach Pug Tattoo by Tanane Whitfield of Studio Evolve Tattoo, VA, USA
Stomach Pug Tattoo on Toni, by Andy Gally from Switzerland
Chest Pug Tattoo on Rachel Hettle, by Jay Debont at Crimson Torch Tattoo Collective in Eugene, Oregon, USA
Chest Pug Tattoo by Calavera, Brazil
Chest Pug Tattoo on Anja Bohme, Tattooed at Mommy I'm Sorry Tattoo Studio, Stuttgart, Germany
Hip Pug Tattoo on Sue by Nick Bones of Studio 21 Tattoo, Vegas, USA
Water colour Hip Pug Tattoo on Roni Salazar by Brian Sanchez
Native American Pug Tatoo - Submitted by Marianne Savard
Chest Pug Tattoo on Michele Bagatin by Lady Duck Tattoo in Villanova del Ghebbo, Rovigo, Italy
Doris the Pug Tattoo by Sebastian Barraza at Crazy Fresh Tattoo, Stockholm, Sweden
Chest Pug Tattoo by Gee from the ink spot, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Chest Pug Tattoo on Tyler Frey, Tattooed by Craig Foster of Skinwerks Tattoo, Carrollton, Georgia, USA
Pug Portrait - Tattooed at Chronic Ink Tattoo, Toronto
In the style of Gemma Correll artwork - Tattooed by Jessi James at Art & Soul Tattoo,
Pug Might Fly Tattoo
Pug with a Water Gun - Tattooed by Nate Beavers from Houston, Texas, USA
Nusi the Pug - Tattooed by Somogyi Sándor of Green Skull Tattoo
Jockey the Pug - Tattooed by Somogyi Sándor at Green Skull Tattoo