Butt Pug Tattoos


This section will showcase a selection of bum/butt pug tattoos. Although it’s not the most common body parts to get tattooed on, tattoos very often look sweet on butts, especially bum tattoos of beautiful pugs. From what we hear from those who have had their butts tattooed, it is one of the least painful body parts to get tattooed, Happy days! But then again, everyone is different and takes pain in different ways, so if you’re that curious, go get your butt pug tattoo to find out!

Pug in an Indian Head Dress, tatooed by Tim Hinton of Mojo Tattoo Parlour, UK
Sarah's Bumblebee Pug Tattoo, Tattooed by Scott Olive, Sarasota, FL, US
100th Pug Tattoo on LP!! - Panther Pug Tattoo by Kyle Roots at Artful Ink
Nautical Pug Tattoo, by Brandon Blevins at Thrill Vulture Tattoo