Back and Shoulder Pug Tattoos


This section of the Lucky Pug gallery features all the awesome photos of back and shoulder pug tattoos and tattoo designs submitted by some of our users. The back shoulder is a pretty cool spot to get your put tattoo on, this area is pretty flat, which we’re sure your tattoo artist will love and no bits of bone to go over so less pain for you…( WIN). Also your pug will always have your back.

Yingyang cookie pug tattoo by Christina Hock of the Dolorosa Tattoo Company
Back pug tattoo submitted by Marina
Shoulder pug tattoo on Linda Elwood by Michael at FigSigArts
Geisha Pug Tattoo - on Andy n Colin - by Kiera Loco Lee of
Artist: Mikey Holmes of Coast to Coast Tattoo Charlotte
Shoulder pug tattoo by Lysette Knippers
Artist: Alican Gorgu of Tattoom Gallery, Istanbul
Artist: IG @nandotattooer, Seoul Korea
Submitted by Joy Cabot
Artist: Jon Gilbert of Slave to the Needle, Seattle, WA
Submitted by Piyush Manot
Satchel the Pug - submitted by by Stacie Felice
Submitted by SB Ochoa Uribe
Henry the Pug - submitted by Katrin Stablein
Artist: Pawat Dechalerd, Bangkok, Thailand
Artist: Alan Magalhaes, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Artist: Kev Wakefield, UK
Artist: Heidi of Dark Age Tattoo, Seattle, WA
Artist: Jess Rocha of Redhouse Tattoo, Buffalo, NY
RIP Lucy - Submitted by Marny Carrillo
Artist: Jess Rocha of Red House Tattoo, Buffalo, NY
Completed - on Gemma Correll, by Hollie West of Indigo Tattoo Norwich, UK
Artist: Hollie West of Indigo Tattoo, Norwich
on IG @sirixebel by @tororoh
Submitted by Jenny Blashka Collins
Artist: Jess Rocha of Red House Tattoo, Buffalo, NY, USA
Artist: Kev Wakefield, Swindon, UK
Origami Pug by Roby Lee at Seven Crowns Tattoo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
 Artist: Yanina Viland of Saint Petersburg
Artist: Josh Herrera, Las Vegas, USA
RIP Hobo - Artist: Brent Gaudie of the Tattoo Shop Alberton
Artist: E Spencer Frank of Firefly Tattoo
Gemma Correll Inspired - On Fernanda from Brazil
Back Pug Tattoo on Clau Munoz
Memorial Tattoo of Tucker - Tattooed by Kayden Digiovanni in Addison Texas, USA
Artist: Steve at Eternal Angels in Lincoln
Sugar Skull Pug Tattoo Submitted by Astri Sjodin
Artist: Toni-Lou Diggines, UK
Tattooed by Adam Harris of New Tribe Tattoos, UK
Original Design by Gemma Correll - Artist: Kevin Berger of Love Til Death Tattoo
Artist - Matt of Eagle River Tattoo
Artist: Nick Bones of Studio 21 Tattoo, Las Vegas, USA
Submitted by Jenn from Boston, MA, USA, Tattooed by Michelle Carter of 1001 Troubles Tattoo, Portsmouth, Ri, USA
Percy the Pug - Tattooed by Emma Kierzek at Aurora Tattoo, UK
Herbie the Pug - on Zoe Higgins from Louisiana, USA
Biskit the Pug - Tattooed by Andy Russell, Australia
Submitted by Agustina Rivero
Tattooed by Gabriel G. War
Tattooed by Guru Marques of Santa Piell Tattoo Studio, Portugal
Samurai Pug Work in Progress - Tattooed by Alvaro Contreras at Mr Cworlwy Tattoo Studio
Poco & Mookie the Pugs - Tattooed by Aimee Allen at Taste of Ink, London, Canada
Tattooed by Kike Viana at bodyobsessions
Tattooed by Jon Murray
Pug Life - Artist: Bee Crosby at Slicked Styled Steel, Canada
Pug in Flower - Tattooed by Joe Ayala
Ava (The Big Wheeze) the Pug - Tatooed by Brian Level at Verses Tattoo
Clown Pug - Tattooed by David Glantz at Archive Tattoo
Designed by Hilary Bouvier, Tattooed by Matt Virag
Geisha the Pug - Tattooed by Roxxy at Kingpin Tattoos
Tattooed by T Bone of Lark Tattoo, Albany, NY
Hearted Pug - Tattooed by Adam Chandler of Merlin Tattooing
Curly & Maxi- by Jeanine of Mystery Ink, New Milford, CT
Tattooed by Samuel Shuna at Gellys Tattoo, Sao Paulo
Tattooed by Brett Thompson, Las Vegas, USA
Realistic Pug Portrait - Tattooed by Ryan Thomas at Granite State Tattoo
Hazel the Butterfly Pug - tattooed by Zack Spurlock at Anonymous Tattoo, Savannah, Georgia, USA
Pug on Your back - Tattooed by Henrik Hensen
Cara-Jane's with her pug 'Kingston', tattooed by William Yoneyama at Tattoo Magic in Melbourne
Best of Daphney, Winston, brielle, Bentley and pappy the Pugs - submitted by Jennifer Silvey
Don't Call me Mavey - Submitted by Louise Nicklin - You can check out Louise's other pug tattoo of Marlee in the Arm Tattoo Section!
 'Paisley the Pug' - Pug Life on the Top of the Back of Paige Patterson  - Tattooed by Ryan the 'Fiend' Howe ar Lost Anchor Tattoo
Tattooed by Todd Bailey
Pug on a Kite -  Tattooed by Greg Scott of Cook a Snook Tattoo Parlour, UK
Japanese Samurai Pug - Tattooed at Oddball Studios
Elsie the Pug - Tattooed by Neil Nelson at Ascension Tattoo Orlando USA
R.I.P Spike - Memorial tattoo of Naomi's beautiful pug
Submitted by Lisa Argenti Paolino from Rhode Island, USA
Tattoo of Laine's lovely Sebastian, Tattooed by Danny at 72 Tattoo