Arm Pug Tattoos – Color Tattoos Part 2


This is our arm pug color tattoo gallery Part 2. To take a look at Part 1 Click Here

Astronaut Pug Tattoo on Catherine Carreiro by @carlosmfuentesjr of Mystic Owl Tattoo
Stanley Pug Tattoo submitted by Emily
Molly: on Courtney Smith, by Travis White at Steel Tattoo, Michigan
 Pug tattoo on Jacob Soto by Aaron Spring, TX
Disney arm pug tattoo submitted by Kev Reid, Aberdeen
Arm pug tattoo by Coco Blacc Tattoo
Submitted by IG lucky.ryna_
of Benji bean the Pug - by Tyler Hall
RIP Stinky the Pug - by Kate Crane of dire wolf tattoo studio
Lucky Pug Tattoo by Coco Tattoo at Holy Mary Tattoo
Sushi Pug Tattoo - submitted by Kecheever of Bombshell Tattoos
True Love Pug Tattoo submitted by IG paproszekedge
Raisin the Pug Tattoo by IG tuffasstats
 Two Pugs tattoo by Bob Geerts
 Submitted by Gemma Cooper, studio: Blood of Angels Tattoo, Cambridge UK
Arm pug tattoo submitted by Paris Cox
Pug tattoo by IG fddcitron
Arm pug tattoo on IG danielaarizar
Morcilla the pug tattoo by Eric Doyle of Globe Electric
Arm Pug Tattoo by Lavente Vacsi of Black Velvet Ink, Budapest, Hungary
Submitted by IG @scooby-doobie-42o
Arm pug tattoo by Joel Hart of Ink Inertia, Colorado
Pug Moth Tattoo on IG: badgerhounds
RIP April the Pug- Tattooed by Rob Forrer at Ace Tattoo & Piercing, Glendale, AZ
Arm pug tattoo on Kayli Rachelle
Wednesday the Pug Tattoo by Scott Sketo of Tattoo Paradise DC
Gemma Correll Inspired Tattoo on Marcus Brown
Arm Pug Tattoo on IG epalechris
Origami Pug Tattoo by Michael Deluca Tattoo FX Stony Point NY
Arm Pug Tattoo on Clelia Fraioli, by Yle Vinil of Skin Fantasies
Arm Pug Tattoo on Cameryn Cimino, by Christine Ericskon, Lovehate Tattoo
 Shazam the Pug Tattoo - on Brandon Blood, by Matt Curzon, Australia
 Japanese Pug Tattoo of Noah the Pug by DTMS
Cool Pug Tattoo on IG goldenbags
 Arm Pug Tattoo by IG bryanjturnbull on Sierra Kemp
Arm Pug Tattoo by Nicholas Keiser of Integrity Tattoo on IG Annaleisezombie
Samurai Pug Tattoo on Diana, by Andrew Tan
Arm Pug tattoo on ig lafranci26
Arm pug tattoo by Joey Featherfingers
Arm pug tattoo by Zoe Ramone of Jersey City Tattoo co
Donut Pug Tattoo by Christina Hock of the Dolorosa tattoo company
Arm pug tattoo on Kara Clark by Andy Joss
Arm Pug Tattoo on Kendall
Space Pug Tattoo by Felipe Gomez
Arm Pug Tattoo by Stuart at River City Tattoo Studio Warminster, Wilts
Arm Pug Tattoo by Paula Freitas Aquino, Brazil
Arm Pug Tattoo on IG brittanyfoxie, by Scott Olive of Rising Sparrow Tattoo Asheville
by Cos Tam Na Ludziach
Belle the Blind Pug
submitted by IG @zm0neyy
Artist: Charles Allard of la Suite Tattoo Club QuebecCity
Phoebe the Pug
on: IG @lady_tynan23
Artist: Fernando of Fifth Estate Tattoo Gilbert AZ
Submitted by Andy N Colin
Artist: Josh Crotty
Unipug - by Serena Frizzera of Spoonrivertattoolodge
Studio: Monkey Wrench Tattoo
Artist: Nick Reinert
RIP April the Pug - by Robert Forrer of Ace Tattoo
Submitted by Nelly Racioppo
Submitted by Reiko Hardy
Artist: Anton Yellowdog, Russia
Artist: Ayako of MTL Tattoo
on: Saira
Artist: Sami Locke
Artist: Martyna Zuna Zua Bogusz