Arm Pug Tattoos – Black & Grey


This page is dedicated to black & grey arm pug tattoos. The most popular types of black and grey arm pug tattoos on our website are realistic and portrait tattoos, although you will find all sorts of styles. We just can’t get enough of black & grey pug tattoos, like an old black pug with grey chin hair!

Artist: Shpadyreva Julia, Moscow
Arm pug tattoo by Shaun Hubbard, UK
By Joe Garnett on Alyssa Murphy
Arm pug tattoo by Shpadyreva Julia, Moscow
Submitted by IG: gaaabrieltx
Arm pug tattoo submitted by IG laurarou82
Arm pug tattoo by Big Al Tattoos
Submitted by Hailey Borden artist: Amanda Hinrichs
Arm pug tattoo by Amy Jiao of Inkblot Studio
Cover-up pug tattoo by Lee Ainsworth of the Monster Shop, Mansfield, UK
Biggie the Pug tattoo - artist: Jonathan Aubry, Vancouver
Arm pug tattoo on Yerko Lopez
Pug & Elephant tattoo by Marcin Budych
Arm pug tattoo by IG hangwu7273
Yin Yang Pug Tattoo by Hoffa Artfink of Ascension Tattoo Orlando
Arm pug tattoo on Jess German, by Casey Anderson of Guardian Art Tattoos PA
Arm pug tattoo submitted by Nina Castello, Design by Gemma Gene
Alien Pugduction Tattoo - On Cristen Perry, by Todd LaMere of Body Art Tattoo NY
Arm Pug Tattoo on IG- daarcyblair, by IG- alliecharbz
Arm pug tattoo on- IG @captainlindsay25
Pug portrait tattoo by Thomas Alexander
Arm Pug Tattoo, submitted by IG: sulaimansoud2
Arm Pug Tattoo on Rachel Lanto by Amy Victoria Savage
Arm Pug Tattoo by Chino Chu of 13ink Social Clun, Taipei
Submitted by IG @urlytailcoffee
Gemma Correll Pug Tattoo - Submitted by Molly Gisela
Noah the Pug - on Jenny Wiscombe
Artist: Michele VanRoosendael
On Petra Mosterd
Artist: Sara Lou at Incognito Tattoo, LA
Submitted by IG @lysa.michaela
Submitted by Joy Cabot
Studio: Art Machine Tattoo, Italy
Artist: Jeff Brown of Cedar Spring Tattoo
 RIP Amy the Pug - on Denise Mengelet
 Artist: Natalia Tanzi
Submitted by IG: @jjagodka
Submitted by IG @vince.and.van
Submitted by Jade Loco
 Wally the Pug - submitted by Bettina Cee
Submitted by: IG @meritxell_gvl
Submitted by Roxana Stallman
Artist: Jacob Ramirez of Kitsune Tattoo Club, Downtown, LA
Percy the Pug
Artist: Craig of Body Art Shop in Welland, South Australia
Submitted by Tanja Sievers, Germany
Artist: Dolly at Black Sails, Brighton, UK
Artist: Gustavo Dondelli
Submitted by IG @stephiekh
Submitted by Aline Maria Souza
Artist: IG @Chong037, Sydney, Australia
Submitted by Alessia Pesenti
Artist: Jules Gordon of Frontier Tattoo Parlour
Submitted by Catarina Ramos
RIP Klaus the Pug - by James Warf of Elizabeth St Tattoo
Artist: Ryan Manske
Studio: Andy Tattoo Clinic, Jaragua do Sul, Brazil
Otis the Pug - by Pepper Spicy Tattoos
Gracie the Pug - Studio: East Brunswick Tattoos, Melbourne
Artist: Fabi Hiromi of Black Ball Crew Tattoo Studio, SP, Brazil
Submitted by: Nicole Brown
on Tia Talvitie from Finland
on Alfonso Ortega
Artist: Brian Lee of Leehouse Tattoos, Greenville, NC
Otis the Pug - studio: Pepper Unify Tattoo Co St Augustine, FL
Forearm Pug Tattoo by Bodo Buntmacher
Artist: Tatouage Artistique, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Artist: Mike Reams at Crayons Tattooing in Rochester, Pennsylvania
Studio: Classic Monsters Tattoo, Lodz, Poland
Pugs Not Drugs - on IG: @nataliakostelak
On: IG @gopugyourself, by Ashla.b
Artist: Preston of Love Tattoo in Jenison, Michigan
Yoshi - by Raul Velasquez
Artist: Chiaki Samonte
On: IG @cocoblacc
Artist: Johannes Sigit, Indonesia
on - IG @majsie
Mister Beckham - Tattooed by Camila Rocha of High Voltage Tattoo in LA, USA - aka 'LA Ink'
Osito and Dulce - Evan Salinas of Loco Ink Tattoo, Brampton, ON
Artist: by Jake Anderson of Divine Machine Tattoo, Buffalo, NY, USA
Artist: Douglas Lamb at Old Gold Tattoo in Bellingham, WA
Artist: Steve Cutter at Ink Oil and Razorblades, Bedford
Maneki Pug - by Chris Garver at Invisible Ink, NYC
Artist: Rico Fogaca
On:  IG @uthbertthepug
Mr Miyagi - Artist: Steve Bishov of Art Machine Productions
On: on IG - @din_ny
Studio: Deluxe Tattoo in Steamboat Springs, CO, USA
Pepper and Jada - Tattooed by Bret at Reilly Tattoo in Perth, Australia
Milo the Pug with the Mario Cap - Submitted by Chris Van Jaarsveld
Submitted by Antonio Valente, Italy
Beautiful Bo in a frame - Completed by Allan Rivera at True at Heart Tattoo.
Gemma Correll inspired - Artist: Ashley Thomas of Atomoc Tattoo
Dancing Pugs - Design by Gemma Correll, Tattooed by Danny Kalan of Emerald City Tattoo
In Memory of Bailey the Pug -  Submitted by Julie Andersen
Artist -  Ross Hallam of Handstyle Tattoos in Johannesburg, South Africa
Ditta the Pug - on Rachelle Stevenson
Artist: Patrick Cornolo of Speakeasy Custom Tattoo
Artist - Rob Biren of Voodoo Beach Ink
Memorial Pug Tattoo for Olivia's Pug, Presley - Tattooed by Scott Quinney at Stingray Bodyart
Artist: Jason of Rock n Roll Tattoo, Raleigh, NC, USA
Work in Progress - Day of the Dead Themed Luna the Pug - Tattooed by Matt Brotka at Salvation Tattoo
Artist - Jody at About Face Tattoo, CA, USA
on Jessica by Rob at Casptat
Arm Pug Tattoo on Kat Young
Sherman the Pug - Tattooed at Gabe of Love n Hate Elite Tattoo, Colorado, USA
 Arm Pug Tattoo on Cassie Baunman
Artist: Josh Herrera Skin Factory Tattoos, Las Vegas, USA
Jamona and Facundo the Pugs - Submitted by Antonela Repetto
Harley the Pug - Tattooed by Chad Lambert at Kellar Studios in Chesterfield, USA
Artist: Andy Sharik of Labyrinth Tattoo inc, Channahon, IL, USA
In Memory of Precious the Pug - Tattooed by Jackie Inkbitch Jennings at Tru Blu Tatu
The best way to write 'PUG' - Submitted by Lisa Argenti Paolino from Rhode Island, USA
Artist: Petetieman of Living Canvas, Columbia
Tattooed by Tjitse de Vries of Cult Art Shop
Tattooed by Vera Isaksson from Uppsala, Sweden
Work in Progress - by Bret at Reilly Tattoo, Perth, Australia
Submitted by Basti Kohler
Submitted by Jennifer Forster from Germany
Designed by Gemma Correll
Artist: Renan Batista, Berlin, Germany
Michelle and Jake's matching tattoo of their lovely pug, Gadget, Tattooed by Jose at True Blue Tattoos
Six Sleeping Pug Puppies - Tattooed by Scott of 21st century Tattoos, Rochdale, UK
Tattooed by Montes Customs, Cadiz, Spain
Pug Portrait Tattoo by Tricia Atkinson at Ugly Bishops Tattoo Shop
Tattooed by Cesar Perez of Mom's Tattoo Shop
Tattooed on and by Emily Charlott Abdel Wahhab
Tattooed by Joshua Finn of Tattoolicious, Honolulu, Hawaii
Tattooed by J. Pablo Rodriguez Garcia, London, UK
Tattooed by Jen Bursey of Iron Legends, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Tattooed by Juan Rodriguez, Melbourne, Australia
Memorial tattoo of Bo, the pug who sadly passed away at the age of 9 months, tattooed by Allan Rivera at True at Heart Tattoo.
Tattooed by Indio Reyes
Pug Life Tattoo - Tattooed by Yoga Lionk of Balinesia Tattoo Studio, Bali, Indonesia
Tattooed by Jon the Trike
Nina the Pug - Tattooed by Daniel Gutierrez
Tattoo Studio: Valonia Tattoos in South Shields, UK
Pugsly Sticker Co Tattoo - Artist: by Duncan Macormac of Victory Tattoo
Artist: Rob Ratcliffe of Border Rose Tattoo, Littleborough, Manchester, UK
Tattooed by Melissa White of Altered Images Tattoo, Rhode Island, USA
On Rebecca Drake from Cheshire, UK
Tattooed by Dre Meza at Lullaby Lounge Tattoo, USA
Drexel the pug - Submitted by Nicole Becker
Three Pugs - Tattooed by Joe Garcia of Saint Hillix Tattoo, San Diego
Artist: Diggis, Kunst Aauf Haut in Ellhofen, Germany
Tattoed by Everlast Tattoo, Pretoria, South Africa
Two Pugs - Submitted by Kristina Pynzar
Pugs Love Music - tattooed by Arturo Sosa at Origen Tattoos
Mr Puggles - Tattooed by Tajia Gauthier at Flesh Creations, Tolleson, Arizona
Sleeping Pug - Tattooed by Hayley a Fu's Custom Tattoo
In Progress - Tattooed by Adam Szabo at Loco Motive Tattoo
Simple but Cute Pug - Submitted by Kristina Pynzar
Chester Beans the Pug - Submitted by Jessica Quinn, NY, USA
Tattooed by Gavin at Obsession Tattoo Studio in Ipswich, UK
Three Little Pugs (in Progress) - Tattooed by Edel Walsh at Eden Art Tattoo
Biskit the Pug Portrait Tattoo - Tattooed by Andy Russell, AUS
 tattooed by Chris Buckholts at the Howl Gallery Tattoo Shop, Fort Myers, Florida
Submitted by Esteban Pendas from Argentina
Gentleman Pug - Tattooed by Dan Wilson at Dark Circle Tattoos in Middlesbrough, UK
Doug the Pug - of Matt Lowe from Barnsley, UK
Submitted by Kevin Amorim, Tattooed at the Tattoo Gallery in Ottawa, Canada, Designed by Gemma Correll
Submitted by Hannah
Awesome tattoo on the awesome Natalia Barbin - Tattooed by Ronnie Isaksson
 Dusty Rose - Tattooed by Anne Morando at Adorn Body Art
Prudence the Pug
Tattoo of Dave's pug, Wonton, Tattooed at Kreept Tiki Tattoo
 Joanna has seven pugs and didn't want to get just one so this tattoo is a representation of all of them, Tattooed by Mark at Ink Monkey, Durham