Are Raised Dog Beds the Best Option for Your Pug?

If you’re planning to purchase a new bed for your pug, then it’s safe to say that making the right choice can have a bigger impact on your dog’s comfort than you may think. What’s more, there are so many different choices available these days that it’s not always simple to pick the right one.

In this article, you’re going to learn more about the different types of dog beds you may like to consider, the benefits of choosing an elevated design, and some mistakes to avoid when buying. If you keep these tips in mind, then you’ll be sure to pick a bed your dog will love.

Why Choose an Elevated Dog Bed?

Raised beds are a good option for many dogs, and as this guide from Stop That Dog shows, you can pick anything from raised sofa beds, orthopedic memory foam beds, deep dish cuddler beds, or even outdoor raised beds that help to keep your pug off the floor when they’re relaxing outside.

Reason 1 – Excellent Joint Support

These beds are great for supporting your dog’s joints, which is particularly important for older dogs who may be dealing with mobility issues like arthritis. Furthermore, these beds don’t have to break the bank, because even the simple mesh-style beds offer a great deal of comfort for your dog, without having to invest in a costly orthopedic foam option if you don’t have the budget for one.

Most raised beds also do a fantastic job of evenly balancing your dog’s weight across the entire bed, and this gives your dog a feeling of comfort and security that helps to keep them relaxed and calm.

Reason 2 – Keep Your Dog Cool

In those warm summer months, it can be very easy for your dog to overheat, especially if they’re lying down on a standard dog bed. However, elevated dog beds offer improved air circulation that helps to avoid hotspots and generally keep your dog feeling cooler and relaxed. The mesh-style beds can help even more with cooling, and their portability makes it simple to take them outdoors as well.

Reason 3 – Keep Your Dog Clean

If you’re shopping for a dog bed that can be used outdoors, then it makes sense to pick an elevated design. Just as you’d expect, these beds keep your dog several inches off the floor, and this will help to give them some extra protection from common pests like fleas. It can also help to keep them much cleaner, as they won’t be lying directly on the ground.

Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you’re aware of the benefits that elevated dog beds can provide, it’s worth taking a closer look at the common mistakes dog owners can make when selecting a new bed for their pug.

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# 1 – Buying The Wrong Size

It’s always a good idea to carefully check the measurements of any dog bed you’re going to buy, as you’ll want to ensure your pug has enough space to comfortably lie down and get settled, as well as some extra room to move around whenever needed.

# 2 – Difficult To Clean

Many dog beds can be quite awkward to clean, and this eventually leads to unpleasant smells that transfer to your dog or linger in the room for longer than you’d like. Fortunately, many of the best-elevated beds can be cleaned with a damp cloth (if they’re made from mesh material). Alternatively, investing in a dog bed with a removable cover can be very beneficial, as it will allow you to wash it in the machine and simply hang it to dry.

# 3 – Buying a Cheap Dog Bed

While you certainly don’t need to re-mortgage your home just to buy a new dog bed, it’s still a good idea to expand your budget a little to ensure you buy something that’s built to last. Keep in mind that most dogs spend quite a lot of time relaxing in their bed, so it can have a big impact on their quality of life. What’s more, a cheap bed may not offer the same level of durability.

If your dog has a habit of chewing their bed, it can be extra important to buy something that’s considered ‘chew proof’. Again, many elevated dog beds come with sturdy steel or aluminum frames combined with quality construction and mesh webbing that can’t be chewed so easily.


At the end of the day, there are dozens of different dog bed styles on the market, each of which has pros and cons for a pug. But if you’ve never considered an elevated bed, then it may be time to give them a try! They offer many unique benefits to your dog with very few drawbacks, and they’re also surprisingly affordable, too.

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