Looking For a Pug? 5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Pug

Pugs are one of the most popular pets out there – they’re cute, friendly and incredibly loyal – in short, the perfect pet! However, owning a pug comes with a lot of responsibility, as they are prone to health conditions which require extra attention, and due to their friendly personality, they can be rather clingy, and often develop some separation anxiety. Despite this, they can make a great pet if you are willing to put in the work, and they are incredibly smart so are able to be trained well.

1. They are very friendly and clingy

Pugs are extremely friendly and loving, and as such can appear to be extremely clingy. Pugs are the kind of dogs that will follow you everywhere, from the park to the kitchen to the bathroom and back again. If you are someone who doesn’t like this kind of constant companionship, you may want to rethink whether a pug is the right breed of dog for you. They will require a lot of time and attention, even compared to other dogs, and don’t tend to like being left alone. They are also prone to running up to both people and dogs to say hello, but this can often lead to a negative reaction from others, so watch them closely and don’t let them off their leash.

2. They are prone to health problems

Pugs have been bred specially to create their signature flat noses, but this can and does lead to a lot of health problems. These are often relatively simple to spot and treat if you know what you’re looking for. Pugs are particularly susceptible to a selection of health issues, such as:

  • Food allergies
  • Breathing problems
  • Scratches on eyes
  • Stronger tendency to react negatively to vaccines

It is also important that you take care to clean pugs around their eyes, ears and within their signature folds, as they are susceptible to infection in these areas.
Pugs are high maintenance, but with the proper care, they can live a full and healthy life.

3. Pugs might need some pet insurance

If you want to protect yourself from high vet bills, consider investing in the best pet insurance. Depending on the kind of plan you choose, pet insurance can protect against injury and illness as well as cover certain treatments like vaccinations and checkups to take the cost down for you. With a small monthly premium, you can cover up to thousands of pounds worth of vet bills every year, meaning that your dog can receive the best healthcare available to them. There are a number of providers out there, one example is Petsure, which offers health insurance, including cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

4. Pugs are prone to shedding

Most dogs shed a lot, but pugs, in particular, can be heavy shedders. Some types of pugs are double-coated, so have even more fur than most to shed. If you’re thinking about getting a pug, be sure to pick up a lint roller or two and be prepared to hoover much more often!

5. They will eat almost everything

Pugs are very food-driven animals and will stop at nothing to eat everything in sight. If you do get a pug, be sure to never leave food in their reach, particularly food that is poisonous to dogs. Keep a close eye on your pug when you’re out on walks to make sure they don’t have their paws on something they shouldn’t have!

Before you get a pug, make sure you research properly how to care for them and all of the additional responsibilities that caring for a pug involves. Understand that pugs are friendly, loving pets who need lots of attention and love, and be prepared to potentially face some health problems at some point in their life. If you have the time and heart for it, consider adopting a pug from a shelter to give it a loving home.

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