Are You Looking After Your Dog’s Health?

In the words of the famous phrase, “a dog is a man’s best friend.” That was said by King Frederick of Prussia more than 200 years ago, but it still resonates with people to this day.

There is good reason for that too, because dogs are lively, affectionate and loyal pets. That means we tend to grow very close to them and want them to be with us for as long as possible.

A dog should enjoy a lengthy life if looked after correctly. Follow the advice featured in this piece to make sure that you are keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Leave the treatment to the pros

Let’s start by looking at what the best thing to do is if your dog is showing some signs of illness. One thing you absolutely should not do is give medicine of any sort to your dog without first talking to a qualified vet.

Without that sort of training and experience you cannot be sure of what substances will be okay for your dog to consume and which will be harmful. Equally, if you think your dog might accidentally have eaten or drunk something dangerous, you should contact a vet straight away.

Vets are there to deal with crises of this sort, but they will also help with more minor problems like ticks or fleas that dogs commonly suffer from. The cost of vet bills might sound worrying, but it doesn’t have to be if you take out dog insurance from an established company.

A full body canine MOT

You can do some simple and basic checks yourself to make sure your dog is healthy. Here is a quick breakdown of the different things to look out for.


Your dog’s eyes should be fully open, free of water and other discharges and with salmon pink colouring around the edges. Contact a vet if the eyes are watery or red or if your dog cannot open them comfortably.


A dog’s nose should be soft and moist to the touch and there should be nothing blocking the breathing. A dry, congested or cracked nose is a sign of health problems.


Healthy dog teeth will be white and have no significant breaks or cracks in them. Stained or missing teeth is a mark of a health issue.

The gums should be moist, coloured pink and not show any signs of swelling or lumps.


This should have no dandruff and be free of matted or tangled fur. Call a vet if your dog is suffering from any of these, or has fleas.


Your dog should appear comfortable moving and standing up. If doing these things causes pain or there are visible marks or wounds on the legs, go to a vet.

Healthy eating for a happy dog

Nutrition is very important to keeping your dog happy and well. There are healthy foods for dogs that will do that job and also make mealtimes more interesting for them.

A little mashed or sliced soft banana – roughly one third – added to a dog’s dry food gives it a sweet flavour that they take to nicely. Baby carrots make for a tasty snack alternative to dog biscuits that are pleasing to the canine palate.

Never give your dog chocolate though. Even if you love it, it is poisonous for them. The same is true of onions and their derivatives like garlic.

Don’t forget to groom

Even if you are not planning to enter your dog for Crufts, it is important to keep them clean and well groomed. Your dog will look and feel better that way.

Checking them out for signs of fleas or other pests is something that you should do most days, particularly during the summer months.  Brushing should also be regular, but dogs only need a bath a handful of times each year.

Dogs are very drawn to humans and grooming can be a nice way to bond with them.

Canines are sociable creatures

Dogs typically enjoy being around both human beings and other dogs and taking yours out regularly will help with both physical and mental health. They are naturally athletic animals, so walking and running around will keep them fit but also give them joy.

Finally, remember that microchipping for your dog is now something you have to get done if they are more than eight weeks old. The chip is inserted between a dog’s shoulder blades with a needle and is a very quick procedure.

Don’t worry – any pain is minimal and your dog will bounce back before you know it.

The chip has a number that is unique to it that can be scanned if your dog goes missing and will also impact the price of your dog insurance. 

These are some simple steps you can follow to be sure that you are protecting the health of your dog. That way they will be driving you barking mad for many years to come.

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